Household deduction for the air heat pump

Save up to 40 % on the installation cost of the heat pump

Did you know that with the household deduction you can deduct 40 % of the installation work costs of the air heat pump from your taxes? It should be noted that the deduction only applies to labor costs, not to the purchase of the device itself. The maximum amount of the deduction is 2,250 euros per person per year, so a couple can accumulate a deduction of up to 4,500 euros.

Let's look at an example where the price of installing an air source heat pump is 600 euros. Of this amount, 40 %, i.e. 240 euros, can be deducted directly in taxation as a household deduction. This makes the installation significantly more affordable (600-240 = €360, excl. deductible).

Savings for the wallet and the environment with an air source heat pump

By taking advantage of the household deduction, you make a financially smart decision, while promoting a sustainable and energy-efficient lifestyle. The purchase and installation of a heat pump can be the start of significant savings both in your wallet and in the environment.

Remember that the installation of the air heat pump should be done by a professional, so that it is both safe and possible to reduce taxes. At the same time, you support local businesses and employment. With the help of the household deduction, the purchase and installation of an air source heat pump is a wise and cost-effective investment in the future.


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