Air-water heat pump installed

The air-to-water heat pump offers an overall cost-effective solution for the production of heat and hot water, especially in homes with a water circulation heating system. This modern and energy-efficient device is perfectly suited both as the main heating system for new buildings and for renovations of old buildings with an oil or wood boiler, reducing heating costs. Floor heating, heating radiators and fan convectors are the most suitable heat distribution systems for an air-to-water heat pump.

Get to know For the Toshiba Estia R32 air-to-water heat pump

Why Heat Services' pre-installed solution.

Air source heat pumps are one of the simplest solutions for heating and cooling homes or leisure apartments. Installation by a professional is an efficient and smooth process that is usually completed within one working day. Using an air source heat pump is intuitive and simple, comparable to using a television and other home electronics.

The installation can be carried out in all seasons. In winter, the installation may even be faster and more cost-effective, as the demand for installation services often increases during the hottest months of the summer, which can lead to longer delays. Choosing a professional installation service guarantees a high-quality and efficient installation that maximizes the benefits of the air source heat pump.

Energy efficiency

Our air heat pumps bring effective savings in energy consumption compared to many traditional heating methods. The environment also thanks you for using the heat pump.


We have models of different sizes for cooling as well as cooling and heating. Request free remote mapping from our customer service!



Most of our heat pumps are equipped with advanced control functions, such as a wifi connection, which makes it easy to monitor and optimize the heat pump via your smartphone and internet connection.

Air source heat pump also for apartment buildings and condominiums?

In recent years, the installation of air source heat pumps in apartment buildings has grown significantly, and more and more people are considering the purchase of an air source heat pump to cool their home on hot summer days. We have delivered air source heat pumps to numerous housing association-type properties. Ask us more if you want!


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