The air source heat pump created living comfort even in hot weather

Pauli Lahtinen and Anna-Maria Kaari-Lahtinen's new detached house is cost-effectively heated with geothermal heat in a water-circulating floor heating system. In the new home, the heating has worked as it should, but the minus side of the new apartment was the heat in the apartment in warm weather....

The service model made the purchase decision easy

In the comparison of air source heat pumps, the model of Lämpöspällvetten aroused interest. The promised ease of use was a big part of the decision when the options were compared. You didn't have to go to the shops to make choices or compare, but you could leave the matter in the hands of professionals. Being from Finland was also a positive factor in the selection.

The purchase process itself was as effortless as the company website made it clear. Within an hour of filling out the form on the pages, a contact was made, the situation was mapped, and within a week, the new Air Heating Pump was in place. The installation was done professionally and the device itself has met expectations. The process itself went so easily that Pauli has already recommended us to his friends.

With peace of mind from now on

The air source heat pump brought exactly the living comfort for which it was purchased. Hot weather no longer bothers you, but you can get the temperature of the apartment exactly as you want. The service model also brings peace of mind, where you don't have to worry about warranties or the functionality of the device. Pauli mentioned that jumping with guarantees is not attractive. A phone call is enough and Lämpöpalvelut will take care of the possible problem situation.

"This is the thing of the future because of the ease and speed. This should have been invented five years ago."

Pauli Lahtinen & Anna Maria Kaari Lahtinen, License, Detached house

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