Ilmalämpöpumpun kotitalousvähennys

Household deduction for the air heat pump

Save up to 40 % on heat pump installation costs Did you know that with the household deduction you can deduct 40 % from the costs of the air heat pump installation work on your taxes? It should be noted that the deduction applies only to labor costs, not to the purchase of the device itself....

Ilmalämpöpumppu loi asumismukavuutta myös kuumilla keleillä

The air source heat pump created living comfort even in hot weather

Pauli Lahtinen and Anna-Maria Kaari-Lahtinen's new detached house is cost-effectively heated with geothermal heat in a water-circulating floor heating system. In the new home, the heating has worked as it should, but the minus side of the new apartment was the heat in the apartment in warm weather....

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Which is the right heat pump for me?

Heat pumps are the most energy-efficient form of heating for properties. This is how a heat pump works The operation of heat pumps is based on the refrigerant process familiar from refrigerators and freezers. A heat pump consists of an evaporator, a condenser, a compressor and an expansion valve....