Replacing the electric boiler with a water-to-air heat pump brought the 45% a drop in the electricity bill

Risto Kivilahti's apartment in Rusko was heated with an electric boiler until October 2019. Heating methods and renovations had been compared for several years, but starting with heating renovations seemed expensive and challenging. In addition to the high energy consumption, the operation of the electric boiler was also unsatisfactory. The internal temperature constantly fluctuated between 19 and 24 degrees.

Lämpöpalvelut offered an easy alternative to the heating problem

Lämpöpalvelut was in contact with Risto regarding his new concept. Savings calculations were made for changing the electric boiler to a water-to-air heat pump, and we came to the conclusion that changing the heating method would start paying for itself right away. Taking on a traditional heating renovation would have been a large one-time cost, so it was an easy decision to stick to the service model of Lämpösälvätt.

The heating renovation was effortless. After making the agreement, all that was needed was to wait for the installation to take place at the agreed time. The installation was completed in a day and the installation result was neat. Even after installation, help has always been available. There is no room for criticism in the project as a whole.

The savings were visible already in the first months

Although the water-to-air heat pump has only been in use for a few months, the savings have been immediately visible on the electricity bill. A comparison of the consumption readings from November to December from the years 2018 and 2019 will reveal energy savings quickly. The consumption in that time period in 2018 was 8,119.08 kWh, while in the same time period in 2019, the consumption had dropped to 4,401.60 kWh. The total drop in consumption has been a whopping 45%!

In addition to large savings, living comfort has also improved. The temperature in the apartment remains constant, and if you want to make changes to the temperature, you can do it from your smartphone. There has been no shortage of hot domestic water. The device itself is quiet and has an easy user interface.

"The whole character of the house changed when the temperature remains constant."

Risto Kivilahti, Rusko, Semi-detached house

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