Air heat pump vs. air-to-water heat pump: What's the difference?

Winter is coming, and many of us are thinking about how to heat the home as energy-efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Air source heat pump and air source heat pump are both popular choices, but they have different operating principles and features. But what's the difference between them, and which one is best for your needs?

Air heat pump

The air source heat pump takes its energy from the outside air and transfers it indoors. These pumps are especially recommended for areas with mild winters, but they can also be used in colder conditions, as long as the device is designed for it.

An example of air heat pumps can be mentioned Toshiba Haori, which stands out with its many top-class features:

  • New elegant design: An interior and customizable design that fits every home.
  • Top class energy efficiency: A+++ classification and a high SCOP value of 5.3 guarantee efficient heating and cooling.
  • Environmental friendliness: Thanks to the new R32 refrigerant, the device is more ecological.
  • Quiet operation: Guarantees undisturbed rest and everyday life.
  • Smart functions: Wi-Fi, SMS control, energy monitoring and intelligent air control make use easy and comfortable.

Air-water heat pump

An air-to-water heat pump, as the name suggests, takes heat from the outside air and transfers it to the water. It can heat not only living spaces but also domestic water. Especially in the cold conditions of the north, an air-to-water heat pump can be a more efficient choice.

Which one to choose? Although both devices can heat your living space energy-efficiently, the advantage of the air-to-water heat pump is its ability to heat domestic water as well. This can bring significant savings on housing costs in the long run.

Regardless of which type of pump you choose, Lämpöpalvelut is here to help you. With years of experience, we install both air heat pumps and air water heat pumps. In addition, we offer low-cost financing with up to 6 months of grace period and starting at €59/month.

Contact us and we'll see together which heating solution best suits your needs!

Toshiba Haori


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