Toshiba Polar+ white 35

Air heat pump for heating and cooling
The white heating and cooling Toshiba Polar air heat pump is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to an air heat pump for all spaces, from the living room to the kitchen. What makes it particularly pleasant is its quiet mode, when the sound produced by the air heat pump fades to a whisper without compromising the cooling or heating efficiency. The joys of daily use of Toshiba Polar also include its energy efficiency, which is the best of Toshiba models. When you take the optional WiFi or SMS control with you, you can warm up the cabin in the winter just before you arrive or cool down your bedroom already during the car ride after a long day at the beach.


Why Heat Services' pre-installed solution.

Air source heat pumps are one of the simplest solutions for heating and cooling homes or leisure apartments. Installation by a professional is an efficient and smooth process that is usually completed within one working day. Using an air source heat pump is intuitive and simple, comparable to using a television and other home electronics.

The installation can be carried out in all seasons. In winter, the installation may even be faster and more cost-effective, as the demand for installation services often increases during the hottest months of the summer, which can lead to longer delays. Choosing a professional installation service guarantees a high-quality and efficient installation that maximizes the benefits of the air source heat pump.

Energy efficiency


Power (kW)

3.2 (heating)


WiFi, Fireplace function
The Toshiba Polar Air source heat pump guarantees complete comfort even in the most demanding conditions. The heating capacity of the pump is guaranteed down to -25 degrees below zero, which reduces your home's heating costs practically even through the coldest winter, reliably and saving electricity. Toshiba's unique defrost function of the outdoor unit, which works with one press of the remote control, ensures reliable operation even in cold weather.

What does the basic installation include?

The basic installation includes the installation materials and installation work for the air heat pump, which is sufficient for most locations. In these installations, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit are on opposite sides of the exterior wall, and the hole made in the wall does not require special tools.
  • Indoor unit installation max. to a height of 2.8 m
  • For the wall mount of the outdoor unit, installation max. to a height of 1.5 m. Regarding the ground stand, installation on a ready-made load-bearing, rust-free platform
  • Outdoor unit silencer kit (4 pcs) and its installation
  • Outdoor unit installation
  • Insulated refrigerant pipes and their installation between the outdoor and indoor units, max. 4 m
  • Electrification between outdoor unit and indoor unit with accessories
  • The indoor unit's condensate pipe and its installation in the same housing as the refrigerant pipes
  • Outside installation channel set for piping with installations, max. 4 m
  • Isolation and sealing of the penetration to prevent air leaks
  • Electrical supply of the equipment from a grounded socket, or from a safety switch as a surface pull, max. 5 m
  • Nitrogenation and vacuuming of pipelines
  • Hardware testing
  • Preparing the installation record
  • User manual for the device regarding basic functions
  • Guidance regarding self-performed maintenance work
  • Collection and appropriate further processing of work-related waste

What does the installation not include?

  • Clearing in front of the installation site, such as moving furniture
  • Protecting furniture etc. from dust generated during installation
  • Earthworks for the ground platform
  • Possible Scaffolding work
  • Earthworks for the ground platform
  • Directing the condensation water of the outdoor unit away from the device
  • Electrical work that is more extensive than the basic installation, such as bringing the power supply from the main center and installing a safety switch.

Household deduction for the installation of an air heat pump

The portion of the basic installation of the air heat pump, as well as any additional work, is included in the household deduction. The household deduction is personal and you can get a maximum of 2250 EUR per year. The deduction is 40% from the value-added tax portion of the work, and the deduction is made primarily from income and capital income tax. The share of the deductible in the household deduction is EUR 100 (year 2020).

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