For housing cooperatives

Would you like efficient and environmentally friendly cooling for your housing association? From us, you can get heat pumps for apartment buildings and townhouses with a customized contract model.

Living and working in an apartment building can be difficult in the summer. The only way to effectively cool the apartment is with an air heat pump for cooling. The heat pump makes the indoor air of the apartment building cool and fresh, improving living comfort.

A reliable heat pump for an apartment building

We install the heat pump in the housing association and apartment building in accordance with good construction practice, taking into account the instructions and regulations. We have professionally delivered numerous heat pumps to apartment buildings.

Heating services are

  • Refrigeration shop approved by the Security Technology Center
  • An operator that follows good construction practices
  • Installer providing training and warranty

Procedure statement

Installation of a heat pump in a housing association

Suomen Illamämpalempalvelu Oy only offers its equipment installed. The installation is carried out in accordance with good building practice, both in terms of construction, electricity and refrigeration, and in accordance with existing instructions and regulations. We are a refrigeration equipment shop approved by the Safety Technology Center. Tukes reg. no. TP104106. Our installers are refrigeration equipment installers approved by Tukes, in class E3 or E3 A. Our electrical foreman is a manager of electrical work approved by Tukes. Tukes reg. no. TP102882

In the planning and installation of the installation, we especially take into account:
• Suitability of the air heat pump to solve the customer's needs
• The suitability of the air heat pump as part of the building/apartment building technology
• The suitability of the air heat pump for the site and other environment
• The correct installation equipment at any time: outdoor unit stand, resonating rubbers, protective gutters
and so on.
• Structural requirements for drilling and sealing the through hole
• During cooling operation, the condensate formed by the indoor unit, and its drainage
• In heating use, the condensate formed by the outdoor unit, and its drainage
• Minimizing the sound level caused by the air heat pump.

At the end of the installation:
• We always provide user training. The written user manual is available in Finnish.
• We always give at least a two-year guarantee for the work we do.

For our service contract customers:
• We take care of the operation of the equipment for the entire duration of the contract.
• We are a constant partner in everything related to cooling and heating.